Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What is it strange in my country but it isn't in yours??

I tried to find interesting taboos about my country to tell you. I didn’t find, however. So, I decided to write what it is totally different.

My Korea friend told me that in her country it isn’t bad manners slurp your noodles. IN fact, doing it you are saying that the food is rally delicious whereas if you do it in Brazil you will show that you are really impolite and makes a "desgusting" situation.

One thing that is really important to say: "to be on time when you have an appointment". I know how important is to be on time to other cultures. I don’t know which reason Brazilians are late every time. And the worst is they know that when they do it they could show disrespect to other people. This kind of things piss me off because I hate when I have to wait.

In Japan you have to take off your shoes when you enter in a house. In Brazil we don’t have this costume, just clean your shoes before and go ahead. To be honest, the first time that I did it was when I came to Canada.

Something that it isn’t too familiar is kissing somebody’s check. It’s acceptable to do it in your friends and even if you never saw this person in your life. There are some countries where it is unacceptable because could be considered disrespectful. Some years ago Brazilians used to give three kisses, until now some regions too. But actually it is more common just one kiss.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer Camp...

My feelings were totally different since the first time that I hard this phrase: "DO you wanna work in Summer Camp????", until my last day there.

In March, SAntiago, who works in Tamwood, invited my friend and I to work in Tamwood Summer Camp. In the beginning I wasn't interested coz my family was planning to come to Canada. SOme days later my mom told me that they couldn't come more. IN that moment I felt totally cheerless because I was waiting for them and they let down me. In fact, it wasn't their fault. I can't explain it, but I was melancholy.

After this, I needed something exciting. I was so desperate about my life here coz it was so boring. Suddenly something came to my mind... Summer Camp. I was reluctanting to accept it and I pensive a lot. I didn't have any idea about it, but I said to me: Come on Luciane, open your mind for this opportunity. FInally, I was determined that could be a good opportunity to enjoy.

Some days before go to Whistler I was pensive and anxious. I wanted to know a lot of things about my job, my co-workers and other things. I went to Whistler on saturday and I couldn't wait a long time to arrive there, I was agitated. Finally, I was in Tamwood Residence. I met my friend and we went to the party. Of course I was a little bit horrified coz I didn't know how to work there and I was scared about my english, however I was so lively... Oh my Gosh... I was so animated... !!

After some days working I was tired... exhausted... And I asked me what I was doing there!! I almost give up. I worked with different groups every day and it was hard coz I couldn't know their names easily. I was feeling lost and I was disappointed with me. I was shattered with some students and the reason was: they didn't respect me. Some situations made me pissed off. So, I got my day off and I relax.. I slept and I thought if I should give up but I was determined that the best choice wasn't coming back to Vancovuer.

In my third week, while I was working I enjoyed a lot with my co-workers and with students. We had a lot of funny situations... we went out, we played games, we camp and a lot of wonderful things more. All of them were amazing and I have opportunities to be with special people who made me overjoyed.

Unfortunately came my fourth week and the real meaning was: my last week. In the beginning I felt relieved coz I did a good job and I didn't give up. On the other hand, I felt totally sad... almost depressing coz I knew that say goodbye would be difficult. Finally, came my last day and I tried to enjoy and later i said goodbye to my "new friends"!

Today I can say that my job and my life were Fantastic and of course unforgettable!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My hometown… Tres Coracoes

I really would like to find a lot of good similarities between my home city and Vancouver, but it was so hard. I just know that both cities are in good countries.
On the other hand, there are a lot of differences between my city and Vancouver.
Tres Coracoes is a small city in South Minas Gerais. There are, more or less, 70 thousands inhabitants. There is just one University and it is not so good. People who lived there use to take care about your life, for example, they know what you have, what you do, where you go, what you bought and other things. Pele, the famous soccer player, born there but he did not grow up there. There are the best bakeries, where you can find a lot of delicious cakes, breads and cookies. Actually, it is not a good city to live or to find a good job. The develop is lag behind other cities near and this situation put us off. I am not disdain my city, but I do not want to live there again.
Vancouver is totally different. It is a big city in Canada. There are more or less 550 thousands inhabitants. There are a lot of places to visit and beautiful parks, where we can go to relax. We cannot forget to say about enticing stores. I feel that people here do not care about the other’s life and they really do not care what you are thinking about them. In my opinion, it is difficult to find a place to buy no-industrialized food. It is very safe and there are a good number of jobs here. Vancouver is the best city to live in Canada.

In my opinion globalization

Thursday, July 3, 2008


1- Playing football, I was the best. I think it is important to remind you that I am a black man.

2- I am a Canadian singer. I sung in a famous film Titanic. Before singing in this movie, I was not so famous.

3- While living in Europe, I became a famous soccer player. I would like to remind you that I am handsome.

4- After the USA caught me, they killed me because they believed that I helped to attack their country.

5- When some new students are doing the test, I am interviewing another one to know which level he will study.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

1- When he resolved to go, everybody had gone back home.

2- If she studied hard, the teacher will help her in the exam.

3- Unless you save money, you will not be able to buy your house.

4- In case I am sick, I will buy some medicines.

5- Because they fight yesterday, she is going to move to another homestay.

6- I have to pass a hard exam after I finish my college.

7- As soon as possible, I will visit you in Japan.

8- Once I study hard, I will pass my exam.

9- Before to say the truth to police, he tried to convence them that he didn't know anything.

10- Although she cooks very well, the dinner was terrible yesterday.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The most interesting conversation… but perhaps the strangest.

One day I took a bus to go to somewhere but I cannot remember where. I was almost sleeping when somebody sat in the other bench and started to talk with me.
He asked me where I was going. I told him the place and he said that I had almost one hour to talk with him, because he was going to the same place.
I was tired and I did not want to talk with anybody but it was impossible, because he started and did not stop.
He asked me what was my name, what was my age and where I was from. I told him and I asked the same things for him.
After, he told me that I should not talk a lot with somebody who I did not know but with him I could because he was a good person.
In that moment I thought that he was a stupid person.
So, he told me that he had a lot of problems in his life. He started to explain that why I should not believe in everybody. He told me that many years ago he start to work a lot, because he would like to be rich. After to be rich, he would to have a girlfriend. So, he found the girl. He told me that his friend said for him that he should not believe in that girl, but he stayed very nervous with him. He continuous to tell me that he had a lot of problems in his life after it.
I asked him what happened, why he had problems with the girl.
He told me again when he met the girl, he had cars, apartments and other things more and that things were so interesting to the girl. He thought that he was interesting to the girl, but her things were interesting. He did know how he could be so stupid and never saw it.
He was very said and he started to explain that he might not believe in her, because she wanted his money. So, one day the girl said for him to help her friend, because he needed a job and he gave a job for him.
The man started to cry and told me that after one year the girl arrived in his house with the boy and said for him that she was going to live with another man. He said to her that she had to develop the things for him. She started to laugh and she said to him that all his things in that moment had a new owner. She said to him that his things will be her things.
So, finally the man told me that he lost all his things because the girl and his friend took and he stayed without anything. He needed to go to his friend house and the friend helped him, gave a job and a place to live. So, he told me that was the reason I had not to believe in everybody.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Vancouver... Vancouver...

When I was in Brazil I did not know what to bring to Vancouver. Some friends told me to bring many things because here is an expensive city. Otherwiseothers told me to bring just a little things because it is better to buy here.

Now, here I am and I agree we can buy many cheap things here such as shoes, clothes, pants and others. If you bring a lot of things, when you come back, you will have problems with your baggage, so... YOU SHOULD NOT BRING A LOT OF THINGS.

About Vancouver... it is a beautiful city there are many parks to visit, like Stanley, Lyn Canion, Queen Elizabeth.

In the winter there are many mountains for skiing or snowboarding... If you go to Grousse Mountain you can enjoy and you will not spend a lot of money.

In the summer you can go to the beach... there are a lot of here...

The problem here is you can not drink bear on the street... so, do not forget it. You can not go to the beach with a lot of beers because you will have problemswith the police!!!

There are many different restaurants, you can find all kinds. Sometimes it is so expensive but you need to look for it. There are a lot of japanese food and it is cheap, you pay only CA$15 in all you can eat. It is a good choice.
Brazilian people always want to eat brazilian food... this is difficult... You can go to Samba but it is not so good. I went there, it was good, but I do not want to come back. However, you can try.

Finally... Vancouver is a good place to live!! ENJOY YOURSELF!!!!!!