Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The most interesting conversation… but perhaps the strangest.

One day I took a bus to go to somewhere but I cannot remember where. I was almost sleeping when somebody sat in the other bench and started to talk with me.
He asked me where I was going. I told him the place and he said that I had almost one hour to talk with him, because he was going to the same place.
I was tired and I did not want to talk with anybody but it was impossible, because he started and did not stop.
He asked me what was my name, what was my age and where I was from. I told him and I asked the same things for him.
After, he told me that I should not talk a lot with somebody who I did not know but with him I could because he was a good person.
In that moment I thought that he was a stupid person.
So, he told me that he had a lot of problems in his life. He started to explain that why I should not believe in everybody. He told me that many years ago he start to work a lot, because he would like to be rich. After to be rich, he would to have a girlfriend. So, he found the girl. He told me that his friend said for him that he should not believe in that girl, but he stayed very nervous with him. He continuous to tell me that he had a lot of problems in his life after it.
I asked him what happened, why he had problems with the girl.
He told me again when he met the girl, he had cars, apartments and other things more and that things were so interesting to the girl. He thought that he was interesting to the girl, but her things were interesting. He did know how he could be so stupid and never saw it.
He was very said and he started to explain that he might not believe in her, because she wanted his money. So, one day the girl said for him to help her friend, because he needed a job and he gave a job for him.
The man started to cry and told me that after one year the girl arrived in his house with the boy and said for him that she was going to live with another man. He said to her that she had to develop the things for him. She started to laugh and she said to him that all his things in that moment had a new owner. She said to him that his things will be her things.
So, finally the man told me that he lost all his things because the girl and his friend took and he stayed without anything. He needed to go to his friend house and the friend helped him, gave a job and a place to live. So, he told me that was the reason I had not to believe in everybody.

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