Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer Camp...

My feelings were totally different since the first time that I hard this phrase: "DO you wanna work in Summer Camp????", until my last day there.

In March, SAntiago, who works in Tamwood, invited my friend and I to work in Tamwood Summer Camp. In the beginning I wasn't interested coz my family was planning to come to Canada. SOme days later my mom told me that they couldn't come more. IN that moment I felt totally cheerless because I was waiting for them and they let down me. In fact, it wasn't their fault. I can't explain it, but I was melancholy.

After this, I needed something exciting. I was so desperate about my life here coz it was so boring. Suddenly something came to my mind... Summer Camp. I was reluctanting to accept it and I pensive a lot. I didn't have any idea about it, but I said to me: Come on Luciane, open your mind for this opportunity. FInally, I was determined that could be a good opportunity to enjoy.

Some days before go to Whistler I was pensive and anxious. I wanted to know a lot of things about my job, my co-workers and other things. I went to Whistler on saturday and I couldn't wait a long time to arrive there, I was agitated. Finally, I was in Tamwood Residence. I met my friend and we went to the party. Of course I was a little bit horrified coz I didn't know how to work there and I was scared about my english, however I was so lively... Oh my Gosh... I was so animated... !!

After some days working I was tired... exhausted... And I asked me what I was doing there!! I almost give up. I worked with different groups every day and it was hard coz I couldn't know their names easily. I was feeling lost and I was disappointed with me. I was shattered with some students and the reason was: they didn't respect me. Some situations made me pissed off. So, I got my day off and I relax.. I slept and I thought if I should give up but I was determined that the best choice wasn't coming back to Vancovuer.

In my third week, while I was working I enjoyed a lot with my co-workers and with students. We had a lot of funny situations... we went out, we played games, we camp and a lot of wonderful things more. All of them were amazing and I have opportunities to be with special people who made me overjoyed.

Unfortunately came my fourth week and the real meaning was: my last week. In the beginning I felt relieved coz I did a good job and I didn't give up. On the other hand, I felt totally sad... almost depressing coz I knew that say goodbye would be difficult. Finally, came my last day and I tried to enjoy and later i said goodbye to my "new friends"!

Today I can say that my job and my life were Fantastic and of course unforgettable!!!

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