Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Vancouver... Vancouver...

When I was in Brazil I did not know what to bring to Vancouver. Some friends told me to bring many things because here is an expensive city. Otherwiseothers told me to bring just a little things because it is better to buy here.

Now, here I am and I agree we can buy many cheap things here such as shoes, clothes, pants and others. If you bring a lot of things, when you come back, you will have problems with your baggage, so... YOU SHOULD NOT BRING A LOT OF THINGS.

About Vancouver... it is a beautiful city there are many parks to visit, like Stanley, Lyn Canion, Queen Elizabeth.

In the winter there are many mountains for skiing or snowboarding... If you go to Grousse Mountain you can enjoy and you will not spend a lot of money.

In the summer you can go to the beach... there are a lot of here...

The problem here is you can not drink bear on the street... so, do not forget it. You can not go to the beach with a lot of beers because you will have problemswith the police!!!

There are many different restaurants, you can find all kinds. Sometimes it is so expensive but you need to look for it. There are a lot of japanese food and it is cheap, you pay only CA$15 in all you can eat. It is a good choice.
Brazilian people always want to eat brazilian food... this is difficult... You can go to Samba but it is not so good. I went there, it was good, but I do not want to come back. However, you can try.

Finally... Vancouver is a good place to live!! ENJOY YOURSELF!!!!!!

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