Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What is it strange in my country but it isn't in yours??

I tried to find interesting taboos about my country to tell you. I didn’t find, however. So, I decided to write what it is totally different.

My Korea friend told me that in her country it isn’t bad manners slurp your noodles. IN fact, doing it you are saying that the food is rally delicious whereas if you do it in Brazil you will show that you are really impolite and makes a "desgusting" situation.

One thing that is really important to say: "to be on time when you have an appointment". I know how important is to be on time to other cultures. I don’t know which reason Brazilians are late every time. And the worst is they know that when they do it they could show disrespect to other people. This kind of things piss me off because I hate when I have to wait.

In Japan you have to take off your shoes when you enter in a house. In Brazil we don’t have this costume, just clean your shoes before and go ahead. To be honest, the first time that I did it was when I came to Canada.

Something that it isn’t too familiar is kissing somebody’s check. It’s acceptable to do it in your friends and even if you never saw this person in your life. There are some countries where it is unacceptable because could be considered disrespectful. Some years ago Brazilians used to give three kisses, until now some regions too. But actually it is more common just one kiss.

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